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Our team build done-for-you funnels from scratch with guaranteed results… (please note we have a maximum of 10 clients we work with at one time, to ensure your results are TOP PRIORITY)
Hey! Are you a coach or consultant?

Do you want more leads?

Do you hear from other coaches and consultants who are smashing it, but just can’t get the traction you’re looking for?

Have you been seeing some crazy, life-changing results from your clients on your program/s and you’re surprised you aren’t getting more interest... even though you know what you offer is world-class and exactly what your market needs?

Do you feel like you’re the best-kept secret in the market, but just don’t know how to get yourself out there?

We are your solution…

We work specifically with coaches and consultants to build done-for-you, online marketing funnels, that generate you the consistent leads you’ve been craving.

What is a funnel?

Your sales funnel is your marketing system (landing pages & follow-up) that turns cold prospects into leads and turns leads into sales.

It’s the engine of your business that usually looks something like this:

Type of clients WE LOVE to work with?

We love working with purpose driven people. If you are a business coach or consultant who have;
*Tapped into your genius
*Found you flow in what you do
*Have proven results that you're helping your target market and; 
*Have an overwhelming passion to give back and help others

...Then you could just be our ideal client!
An effective sales funnel is the single most important thing you need to get results online, yet 99% of coaches and consultants (and even marketers) have no idea how to build them.

Sales funnels hand-hold your prospects to do exactly what you want and positions you as the expert in your niche.

As well as simplifying your entire lead process, a funnel is quick to regenerate, which allows you to smash out new content daily and quickly test the most efficient message, to get you the best possible result.

Funnels are a core component of the winning recipe for successful coaches and consultants, who’s main objectives are scale and leverage. If you aren’t already on board this money-bus, have been thinking about getting your funnels in place (but just don’t have time), or your existing funnels aren’t getting the results you want we can help.

We do all the heavy lifting for you, from start to finish, we build your entire funnel and take care of the whole process, to bring you the right kind of leads on autopilot, just like ranks of countless happy clients who are experiencing avalanches of more traffic, leads and profits from our done for you solutions.

2,783 +
OVER 3,000
In the past, online marketing was as simple as placing ads and driving your traffic to a sales page.

Due to it being so easy, there’s been an overload of people doing this, and trust is at an all-time low for consumers.

This literally has made running ads (cold traffic), straight to an offer the worst marketing strategy in the world.

The secret sauce now lies in giving value up front, for free. Then once you’ve got their details, position your service as the solution to short-cut their results.

The good news is, once you make this quick switch, your conversions are going to go through the roof.

Here’s a quick overview of the 6 core elements a coach or consultant needs for consistent lead flow:
Lead Magnet

Your email list is the life blood of your business. One of the key ways to grow your business is by offering something of value for FREE, to get more of your ideal clients to your email list. You need a high quality, value-packed free report, case study or video and a sexy, high converting landing page designed, and set up.
Your Email 
Follow-Up Process

The is an art to your email follow up process. The days of the simple ‘one email fits all’ follow-up are dying. All GSD funnels automatically detect whether someone is hot or not, and adjusts the emails it sends them to extract more sales.

Your Social-Proof 
Up-Sell Video

The trick constant lead flow is striking while the iron is hot. Generally, people are afraid to offer their service up front, and send their traffic to a long winded sales page, to try and sell a lower end product, or even worse a basic page with no upsell. Instead, the 'trick' is to send your prospects to a short case study video, outlining the kick-ass results your clients are having using your services. Then hit them with an offer for a FREE 15-minute phone call with you.


Retargeting is easy, but effective. Retargeting tracks everyone that’s landed on any of your web pages, even if they don’t enter in their information, it will stalk them around the web. Integrating multiple offers into the retargeting banners is the most effective way to get your prospects to come back reengaged, and buy.
Webinars, Webinars, 

Webinars are the secret to selling to lots of people at once. The most profitable webinar our team has set ever set up bought in $513,000 in annual revenue! And that was just one webinar! Once you've got a webinar that converts, we then turn this into an automated webinar. All the funnels we build have automated webinars integrated into the follow-up process, to get you consistent lead flow by doing the work once..
Social Media Ads

You've seen all the hype, people going from $0 to $1,000,000 overnight. Our social media traffic doesn't guarantee that, we believe overnight successes are made by having consistent eyes tweaking things to ensure their success, steady growth and integrity behind the product. Our team have a formulated method to ensure your Facebook and Instagram is set up to bring you results that are scalable and offer longevity.
Woah! That seems like a heap of hard work? That’s Coz’ it is! And that’s why we’ve built this program to do it all for you… and we guarantee you results!
We Guarantee Your Results... 
(This is NOT A DRILL!)
We know the 'OLD' 30-day money back guarantee has run its course... 
so we have something 10x better

Funnel Results...
Warrick Bidwell
"we ran out first webinar and we've landed 7 clients already!"
Marti Amos
"Now consistently getting 30-40 leads a month!"
Howard Tinker
"we have done over $50,000 - all from the first funnel!!!!"
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