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What clients are saying about Lucy...
Warrick Bidwell
"we ran out first webinar and we've landed 7 clients already!"
"I came to GSD a bit stuck, not sure where I wanted to take my business, I had a good podcast that was providing my guys a heap of value, knew I needed to implement some funnels but just couldn't get it done (I'm a creator, the implementing shits me!).

6 weeks later we ran out first webinar and we've landing 7 clients already - we're now gearing up for the next round with a Joint Venture. Absolutely stoked I reached out to Lucy and her team. Absolute experts in fast tracking results in this space!

Cheers Luce! Love your work"
Marti Amos
"Now consistently getting 30-40 leads a month!"
"Before using GSD Enterprises we had really weak online lead generation. We mainly only used offline marketing, and seminars to generate leads.

We went from getting 2-3 leads a month, to consistently getting 30-40 leads a month, through GSD. 

In the last 24 months, this has resulted in the business going from $5,000 per month, to $118,000+ per month!"
Howard Tinker
"we have done over $50,000 - all from the first funnel!!!!"
 I have owned a marketing company for 20 years. But like most people I am overwhelmed by all I have to do.

I know I should do more on-line marketing for my company but to be frank creating complex funnels with multiple opt-in etc. is never going to happen.... So when GSD said they would Do It For Me - "With Guaranteed Results" I went for it.

Three weeks later we had the biggest number of webinar attendees in our history... and right now we have done over $50,000 in sales - all from the first funnel - and I did nothing!!!! I am getting daily in-bound requests to speak to prospects and although my overworked team are begging me not to I'm about to push the "sales button" again."
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